International Cairo Stadium


The Cairo International Stadium is the first of its kind with Olympic standards in the Middle East and Africa. It is located in the Nasr City area of ​​northeast Cairo. It was designed by the German architect Werner Mars, the same architect who designed the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, 1936, completed in 1960 and inaugurated by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser at the July Revolution celebrations of the same year. The stadium is located 10 km from Cairo International Airport and 30 km from downtown Cairo. ...

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sixty five countries at the World Championships of Gunners in Cairo 24/07/2019 | 01:51 PM
Cinque Terre

The President of the Union of Arms Abdel Moneim Husseini announced the readiness of Egypt to host and organize the world championships for men and women, scheduled for October 5-10 in Cairo. He said that Egypt will host the tournament for the first time, which will be attended by 980 players and players, representing 65 countries from around the world, in conjunction with Egypt's celebrations of the October Victory celebrations glorious. Al-Husseini said that the tournament will witness the presence of senior players and former Olympic stars from Olympic medalists and world championships starting from the age of 50 years to over 70 years. He pointed out that one of the most important objectives of the tournament is to send a new message to the world that Egypt is a country of safety and security Egyptian, through the presence of members of the stars of the sport of arms of celebrities worldwide apart from their companions of their families and friends.