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The Cairo International Stadium is the first of its kind with Olympic standards in the Middle East and Africa. It is located in the Nasr City area of ​​northeast Cairo. It was designed by the German architect Werner Mars, the same architect who designed the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, 1936, completed in 1960 and inaugurated by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser at the July Revolution celebrations of the same year. The stadium is located 10 km from Cairo International Airport and 30 km from downtown Cairo. ...

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The Main Stadium

The area of the field is 105m x 68m ,The green area has been renovated and sowed with natural grass [Bospilum] which is known for its high endurance and adaptability for climatic changes

Athletics track:-Its area is about 10000m2. The ground of the track was replaced and renovated. It has 8 lanes. It is equipped with all the contests facilities and equipment. It has an aquatic obstacle, triple Jump patch, pole vault box, high Jump, and discs and shot put circles; The track was furnished with EPDM substance, according to the specifications and criteria of the Athletics International Federation. The color has been changed to suit the stadium's general features and chair colors.

The Bleachers Of The Main Stadium: The bleachers of the main stadium were constructed into two levels

The lower level:It starts from the level of the field (-12) towards almost the natural earth's surface till the normal earth's level. It has four major entrances one of them is the main entrance that includes a lot of facilities and is located in the west. This level includes (14) tunnels that easily and rapidly allow the entrance and exit of spectators, as the total number of spectators in that level is 39372.

The upper level: It has been established on the sand that was excavated to construct the lower bleachers. The bleachers of this level are accessed through ramps and stairs. These bleachers extend downward till they reach a concrete beam that projects outward till it approaches the level of the lower bleachers. The level includes the upper first class bleachers in addition to the second and third classes. This level holds about 32599 spectators.

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