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The Cairo International Stadium is the first of its kind with Olympic standards in the Middle East and Africa. It is located in the Nasr City area of ​​northeast Cairo. It was designed by the German architect Werner Mars, the same architect who designed the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, 1936, completed in 1960 and inaugurated by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser at the July Revolution celebrations of the same year. The stadium is located 10 km from Cairo International Airport and 30 km from downtown Cairo. ...

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Squash Complex

It was designed by “Architecture Center” (Eng. Magd Massara) and it was built by “Khalil Badrah Company”. The complex is over about 3250 square meter and it consists of three entries (the main entry (the southern entry), the western entry, and the northern entry). A fountain is in the center of the main entry. There is a reception room on the right. A huge hall is surrounded by the four courts. A three-fedd an of green area is decorated with the flags of the participating countries and the flags of the international and Egyptian squash federations.

The complex was inaugurated to host the tenth Squash World Open Championship for men (November 18 - December 4, 1985). The complex hosted several international and national championships such as Alahram International championship.

The complex includes one main court and four training courts

The main court is on the right of the main entry. After renewing, the main court has three glassy walls and two electronic score screens. It can hold up to 700 spectators. It is equipped with central air conditioner and there are special areas allocated for advertisements.

The complex has two parking areas with the total capacity of 80 vehicles

The complex includes a mass media center equipped with all communication means. It can hold meetings and seminars.

The complex is equipped with all the facilities needed to serve both athletes and spectators. These facilities include changing rooms, restrooms, showers, and cafeterias.

The complex comprises a gymnasium, sauna

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