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Co - operation is the feature of urbanization .               Enjoying good view ; it is our concern altogether .               For you and your family safety ; obey the instructions of Access Control .               For your safety , obey the onstructions .               Government procurement portal               Ideal support is one of the feature of urbanization .               It is a feature of urbanization ; to put wastes in its places .               Keep public utilities in the stadium ; it is yours ! .               No - smoking ; it is a feature of keeping human and environment healthy .               NSC NATIONAL SPORTS COUNCIL OF EGYPT               Please ; keep your seat sound and clean .               quarter final               Union Anmsry Football               Watch yourself , adjust your behavior and be aware of cameras .               
Photo Gallery
  • Horseback Riding Stadium
  • Horseback Riding Stadium consists of 15942 square meter flat land. 73× 138 square meter competitions field. Two 25×60 square meter warming up fields.
  • The Squash Complex
  • The complex includes one main court and four training courts
  • Football Subfields Compound
  • There are four football fields with the following standards
  • Outdoor Games and Conferences Hall – Tennis Complex
  • It receives Handball and indoor football matches and it is equipped for holding meetings and conferences, festivals and sports shows
  • The football main
  • In that main football stadium all the local and international football matches and contests, all track and field contests, national carnivals, athletic &artistic parades and other activities are held.
  • The indoor complex and hockey stadium
  • It comprises 4 main halls, main hall no. (1) holds 16900 spectators, medium sige hall (2) holds 1620 spectators, small hall (3) holds 720 spectators, and small hall (4) holds 720 spectators. It was established as part of th¬e Indoor Halls Complex. The area is 38000m2. It is connected to the Halls Complex through a tunnel of 8 m. width
  • Main hall (1)
  • Its overall area is 11304 square m, inner diameter 120m, dome height 39.8m, and the diameter of the court 55m (area square 2900m)
  • Medium hall (2 )
  • Overall area 3037 m2, inner diameter 62.2m, dome’s height 24m.
  • The Two Small Halls (Hall Number 3,4)
  • Both have a diameter of 50.2m., a height of 19m., and Arena area of 826m2
  • Hockey Stadium
  • d
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